Our Preschool

“Helping children to become school ready”

Here at Ringwood we have been running a very successful preschool for over 10 years. With great links to the local schools, we pride ourselves in ensuring every child leaving us is ready to start a new adventure at big school.

Our preschool offers flexibility to suit the needs of all parents. We are open 7.30am to 6.00pm and children are able to attend morning, afternoon or full day sessions. We accept children accessing government funded only sessions as well as offering the options to do over and above the funded hours. We are also able to offer both term time and stretch funding options enabling us to cater for most family’s needs.

Within our preschool, staff provide children with a stimulating and attractive learning environment. This has been specifically designed to encourage meaningful conversations, stories, singing, group activities, individual activities and outdoor play that engage the whole child. Each day is different and routines are flexible to suit the needs of individual children. Each day has a good balance of adult led and child centred experiences and we never forget to ensure there is lots of fun.

Our preschool focuses on encouraging children’s self-help skills and promoting their growing independence. Resources are all displayed in storage units with photo labels to encourage children to make choices and think about their personal preferences. Children participate in sessional circle times allowing them to develop a sense of routine, be part of a group, gain self-confidence and develop social skills. We have a self registration system that helps children to recognise themselves as individual and develops a recognition of letters and sounds.

Children are encouraged to contribute to their own learning journal and are given the opportunity to view photos, listen to their observations and any comments they make are recorded. Our preschool staff hold regular meetings with our eldest children to discuss future activity ideas, weekly menus and the experiences they have recently had. Preschool mascots Angela and Rufus regularly go home with a different child to develop the link between preschool and home and encourage responsibility.

We are extremely proud of what we have to offer in our preschool and have received many compliments from local school teachers about how school ready Ringwood Day Nursery children are.